Mysterious world and me

There is so much Mystery around us every day, every moment, everywhere. We are always surrounded by so much Mystery.

On the global level, we have Mystery, or we could say we have curiosity about UFOs, PLANETS, OUR GALAXY, and TIME TRAVEL. We also have to admit that we have not fully explored our mother earth as well, and most importantly, no one knows or who has not completely discovered our deep ocean.

Mysterious around us

We are talking about the world, but what about near me? If we look around, there is so much Mystery. Suppose you talk about any mysterious house or mysterious or haunted place with so many unfolding things. In that case, some say such places are a house of paranormal activity, or some say there is negative energy…, but I could say these are something we, to date, have yet to resolve.

If you think deeply and ask yourself if you feel something where you don’t have answers, we create a story around it and try to keep that thing away from us.

How do I forget about humans? Yes, correct. I am talking about us. People are more mysterious than anything else. Each person nowadays carries deep, deep thoughts inside him.

Is there any chance to end of mystery?

Now the world is changing, upgrading itself every day, every day there is new technology coming in, but unfortunately, there is no machine or technology yet to discover yet who can predict human nature…that’s why most scholars till date failed to replace human mind completely.

And we have come here generation by generation and done so much progression by resolving or trying to resolve such Mystery, and the journey continues.

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